Design Sweden 60 Years

april 26th 2017

Welcome to celebrate Design Sweden 60 Years with an evening of talks by some of Sweden’s leading designers and creatives. As well as mingeling and celebration!

Our theme is Purpose.
Why do we do what we do?
Why are we designers?
How is this playing a part in our careers?

The event is FREE. Sign up following the link!

You can become a supporting member on our website (which is also FREE!) to be a part of our community.

We will be announcing our speakers over the next couple of weeks. Here is our first announcement:

Jakob Trollbäck – Founder & Creative Director
Jakob Trollbäck is the Swedish mastermind behind the award-winning design group, Trollbäck+Company, founded in 1999, and The New Division, founded in 2016.

Jakob’s copywriting and visual identity system for the United Nation’s Global Goals campaign has given him a unique platform from which to advocate for important causes, including climate action, quality education, and gender equality. He frequently attends international conferences and events to speak about his passion projects and creative process, centering on his motto: discard everything that means nothing.

More speakers to come!

About Design Sweden
Don’t think of Design Sweden as an organisation. Think of us as a confidant. A silent ambassador that works on your behalf, providing advice, steering debate, lobbying for change. Helping shape better conditions for working as a designer.

For over half a century Design Sweden has been an axis for Swedish designers. However a whole lot has changed since Rune Monö, Carl-Axel Acking and Sigvard Bernadotte chaired the organisation in the 50’s and 60’s. The world has evolved in disruptive ways and design as discipline has developed to reflect advances in new technology and organisational practises. We have gone from confining design to the industrial space to considering it as an all-encompassing process and culture, with an ever-growing amount of job variations. Today, design is present in all companies and organisations and is an unquestioned cornerstone for all start-ups and new initiatives. From its unique vantage point – exploring and analysing emerging behavioural patterns and cultural shifts – design plays a vital part in shaping our surroundings.

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