A current situation with

Delara Saleh Ebrahimi

april 7th 2020

Head of brand strategy at Grow + Digitalist

What good can come out of this? What mindset should we adopt?

For one, this situation is really forcing everyone to think outside the box. We’re realizing that if we really need to do something in a different way, we can. And that we’re not as set in our business ways as we sometimes may think.

But our offering and ways of working shouldn’t be the only thing we put under the lens. There’s great potential in innovating our relationships as well. I think the fact that we’re all in this together can lead to new business models where we really leverage the power of collaboration. In these types of situations, differences will inevitably become less important and we can instead focus on what can bring us together rather than what sets us apart. Not only for our own survival, but as a way of reaching a joint higher purpose rather than competing over who will win. I think that after the dust has settled, many companies will have adopted new ways of viewing their competition. And hopefully we can come out stronger and better on the other side of this – together.

In what way have you changed your working habits and is there anything you would like to keep even when we get through this?

Of course we are working remote to a much larger extent than we used to – having client meetings and conducting workshops using digital platforms and tools instead of meeting in a room in front of a whiteboard. Shifting to using these tools have made us all more imaginative in how we can interact with each other which is something that I hope we’ll all continue with.

We’re also having more sessions focused on thinking differently given that this situation is something new for all of us. That’s definitely something that I hope we’ll continue doing more of in the future to bring more innovation into our everyday.

Are there any shifts in consumer behaviors you think we will see as an effect of the crisis?

I think people will become even more purpose-driven when it comes to choosing the brands they interact with. Going through difficult situations often forces us to look up from our daily routines and think about what really matters. How brands act in the current situation will have an impact on how we view them long term. There’s a real opportunity for those who tackle the current situation in an innovative and positive way – whether it’s by protecting their employees, providing something to society and communities, or helping their customers get through these hard times.

I also think people will appreciate the social and physical aspect of experiences even more in the post-social distancing world. While we’re seeing new types of virtual experiences pop up due to the current situation, I think the experiences of the future will need to have even more emphasis on merging high tech thinking with the social and human aspect of the experience. 

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