Stand Studio Sample Sale

On June 8, Stand Studio is back for yet another Sample Sale in A stage!

Read more and book a slot >

Stand Studio Sample Sale




Marville Road Sample Sale

Välkommen att fynda tidlösa samples och plagg från tidigare kollektioner till 50-70%!
Betalning med kort & swish. Ej öppet köp och inga återbetalningar. För att du ska få en trygg shoppingupplevelse ser vi till att högst 30 personer vistas i lokalen samtidigt.

Tisdag 25/8: 17.00-20.00
Onsdag 26/8: 08.00-19.00
Torsdag 27/8: 08.00-19.00

Varmt välkommen! A house
Ingång: Uggelviksgatan 2E

A sustainable week

A sustainable week has come to an end and we want to thank you all for participating, sharing and cheering!

We hope you feel a tiny bit wiser when it comes to the carbon footprint of the food that we eat and the clothes that we wear. A house flea market yesterday was only the beginning of A house REUSE, encouraging a new way of thinking when it comes to consuming fashion and things. Please let us know if you come up with ideas on how we can reuse more within A house! Also, big thank you to A house member Klimato, counting the carbon footprint on every single lunch we’ve been offering this week.

Here are the pictures from A flea market by Heman Caroan.

Slow Fashion Show

Reduce, reuse and recycle also counts for fashion! Come, participate and BE THE CHANGE.


This show aims to spread awareness about the SLOW and SUSTAINABLE fashion industry and promote ECO-FRIENDLY ways in production.

Read more and attend on facebook >

If you have any piece of clothing that you do not wear anymore, take it with you. We will donate them afterward to those who need it the most.

A flea market

A flea market encouraging A house members and friends to reuse, barter and buy second-hand! The market is part of A sustainable week at A house and will be held in A lobby. The theme this year is carbon awareness and buying second-hand is a perfect way to lower your carbon foot print. The lobby will be packed with members selling fashion! Welcome to a guilt free shopping experience.

Carbon footprint from a regular daily outfit: 

Jeans: 33.4kg CO2
Cotton T-shirt (made in China): 8,77kg CO2
Jacket (Polyester): 18kg CO2
Shoes (Trainers): 14kg CO2
Underwear: 1.9kg CO2

Total Carbon footprint for this outfit: 76kg CO2
Comparison example: Flight STHLM – New York:  316 kg CO2
(Source: Eciotricity)

Sustainable week

A week aiming to raise awareness among A house members about our climate footprint with a focus on food and fashion.

The food of the week will be carbon calculated by A house member Klimato. What better way to be sustainable than giving clothes a second life buying and selling second hand? Join our Fashion Flea Market on Feb 20. More info to come.

Totême Sample Sale

Totême Sample Sale
Samples and past collections

A House, Uggelviksgatan 2B, 114 27 Stockholm
Wheelchair access: Östermalmsgatan 24, 114 26 Stockholm
No strollers allowed

Monday, November 11: 8am-7pm
Tuesday, November 12: 8am-7pm
Wednesday, November 13: 9am-6pm

Payment by card or Swish
No cash, no returns, no refunds





Make it last fashion flea market

Make it last is getting ready for their biannual fashion flea market in Stockholm.

 As always, they’ve invited a group of fashion insider friends to join them in cleaning out their closets and selling designer gems at bargain prices. They’ve also asked 12 of their favorite brands, like Totême, Rodebjer, Uniqlo and Stylein, to contribute with clothes and accessories of which they will be selling for the benefit of Talita, an organization that helps women out of prostitution, pornography and human trafficking for sexual purposes and into a new life.

You’ll find all the info you need in their Facebook event >>

Stand Sample Sale

Stand has exclusively invited A house members to attend their sample sale before the official opening. The sample sale will be located in A room, and A house members are welcome at 12pm-2pm on May 23.

You will be able to purchase collection samples and previous collection pieces for both women and men with up to 70% discount.

They only accept payment with cards. All items are sold in existing condition. Exchange and open purchases do not apply.



Little Liffner sample sale

LITTLE LIFFNER is a Stockholm based accessories brand, quietly building a loyal following since its launch in 2012. It is the go-to brand for refined handbags with street smart appeal, offering accessible luxury with a playful twist.

Dive into Little Liffner’s sample sale filled with stock from previous seasons, unique pieces and other samples.

A house lobby
25 – 26th April

Meet A house member Amanda Andersson

Hi Amanda, what is it that you do?

– I am Douchebags Content Manager, which means that I’m the ones responsible to ensure that we always have awesome content for all our channels.

What were your ambitions growing up?

– I’m still growing up, so my ambitions are, and have always been; make every day a great day, even though some days are way more work than leisure, you can always turn it into a great day!

What was your first encounter with your passion for bags?

– I don’t have a passion for bags. I’ve always been one of those girls who has never been able to keep track of any bag, always kept everything in my pockets and couldn’t care less about purses. Instead, my passion lies in being able to create magic material regardless of company. But I’m totally in love with Douchebags and its rebellious attitude.

Are there any particular tools that you need to start your working day?

– 8 hours in bed and three cups of coffee before leaving the house.

What can people ask you that you just love to talk about?

– My two homes, one in Stockholm and one on Gotland.
Photographer: Anna Schori

Meet A house member Michaela Cehlin Magnusson

Hi Michaela, what is it that you do?
I work at Little Liffner with a little bit of everything from customer service to social media. We’re a tight team of two which means you get to work with pretty much the entire business which is so much fun.

What can people ask you that you just love to talk about?
Reality shows, the cringier the better!

Who or what has had the biggest influence on you?
My mom <3

Michaela Magnusson

If you hadn’t been working with Little Liffner, what else would you have done?
I have seriously no idea but when I retire (in about 40 years) I want to be a tailor and/or run a doggy daycare.

Why is A house the place for you?
Because of all of the lovely people you get to meet every day.
Pictures by: Anna Schori

Little Liffner Sample sale

Don’t miss out! Little Liffner sample sale in our lobby

Sample sale August 27th, exclusively for members 9.00-10.00 and open for the public 10.00-19.00 by the stage in our lobby. For lobby members in need of quiet space please use our secluded inner lobby this day.

Meet A house member Allvar Underwear

How did you end up doing underwear?
The idea to create underwear made of Swedish wood came after having researched about how textiles made from bamboo are made. It’s a similar production process from Swedish wood and the fabric coming out of it is really soft to the touch, which means it works fine in the clothes that are the closest to our bodies. Also, I felt there was a market position available for a brand within the underwear category that builds on something else than sportiness and colourful patterns.

I have to say, Allvar is a great name, how did you come up with it? (allvar means seriousness)
Thanks! But it was actually my business partner and designer Stefan Söderberg, who came up with it.

Since we wanted to build the brand around the darkness and mysteriousness found in the Swedish pine and spruce forests, which the underwear also are made from, we thought that the name Allvar would capture that sensation.

Also, and more philosophically, it connects with the knowledge that everything in life will come to an end eventually. And by accepting that, I believe you will be relieved of a lot of stress.

Tell us more about your relationship with the forest.
I have a great respect for the nature and it’s ability to provide us with its surplus and almost all summers growing up, I have worked in the forests. For example, I have replanted and done what’s called pre commercial thinning (in which you choose which trees that you want to grow big and old and cuts down the others) on an area which my great grandfather once planted about a hundred years from now. The longevity of the forests really puts life in a different perspective.

Is the underwear really made of wood?!
Yes, wood from pine and spruce trees from the Ångermanland province in Sweden, where both Stefan and I are from. And more specifically the cellulose in the wood, which stands for about 40% of the wood’s mass.

What’s the smart textile collaboration?
Smart Textiles in Borås are showcasing our products as an example of textile products made from Swedish wood. Other than that, we are collaborating with researchers at RISE and Högskolan i Borås and of course all the actors in our manufacturing chain.

What made you stay at A house after leaving SSE Business lab?
I like the atmosphere in the building. When I want be creative I like the main area in the lobby due to the background noise and when I need to focus I choose the quiet area. Also, by having friends working in the building makes it nice having a chat with them sometimes!

A block festival

A block festival is an annual event with the possibility to generate transdisciplinary collaboration with different players within the fashion, food and media industries. This our way of  highligting  our members and show the incredible work they do. This is also to position A house as a leading creative meeting space to attract extraordinary talent. Read more >

Event Award Nominees: PhotoShoot

Sania Claus Demina for Damernas Värld shoot

Little Liffner

ATP Atelier

2017 was the year of breathtaking events hosted at A house, but we’ve also had numerous of extraordinary photo shoots worth celebrating. Shoots stylishly using our space at it’s full potential in line with the brutalist expression. We got blown away by these pictures! The ceremony will take place at A house 26/4.


Press: A house Event Awards 2018 (swe)

Det första A house Event Award går av stapeln den 26 april och syftar till att hylla och uppmuntra arrangörer av nyskapande möten. Nu lanseras de nominerade till årets priser och hyllas som inspiratörer inför ett nytt spännande eventår.

Mötesplatsen A house Stockholm med inriktning på mat, mode och media har visat sig vara den ultimata placeringen för innovativa event. Med över 115 events under 2017 har A house kommit att uppmärksammas inte bara av dess medlemmar utan även några av Sveriges mest ledande företag som använt sig av den brutalistiska arkitekturen som avstamp för sina kreativa events. A house har som mål att verka för samarbete och nyskapande. Nu lanseras A house Event Awards med syfte att synliggöra den kreativitet som uppstår när en idé möter rätt miljö med ambition att skapa oförglömliga upplevelser. “2017 blev ett riktigt starkt eventår här på A house. Vi har haft nyskapande möten och inte minst modeplåtningar som är bortom vad vi trodde var möjligt. Om och om igen har vi överväldigats av extraordinär ambition och innovativa sätt att nyttja våra utrymmen till sin fulla potential. Därför kände vi ett starkt behov av att fira och hedra de som tar evenemang till en helt ny nivå”, berättar Tua Asplund (CEO, A house) De som har haft de mest innovativa eventen under det gångna året prisas för sina insatser inom kategorierna Sustainable Event, Innovative Event, Photoshoot och Event of The Year. A house egen jury har genomlyst årets kreativa bedrifter och nominerat följande företag inom respektive kategori:

Sustainable Event
Make it last för Make it last stora modeloppis
A Loud Minority för H&M Transformation talk
Johanna Ljunggren & Andreas Bergman för Björk & Berries Retox detox midsommar

Innovative Event
Lululemon för Intl women’s day yoga
Johanna Ljunggren & Andreas Bergman för Björk & Berries Retox detox midsommar
Patriksson Communication för Polarn & Pyret

Little Liffner
Sania Claus Demina för Damernas Värld
Atp Atelier

Event of The Year
Hoss Sthlm för NAKD
Humblestorm för Spotify
Trans 94 för G-Shock

Prisutdelningen går av stapeln på A house den 26 April med efterföljande middag för de nominerade i A house nylanserade A kitchen. För ytterligare information vänligen kontakta: Chili Bendt, PR & Community manager A house Tel: 073 – 050 95 66

By Malina / Soft Goat Sample Sale

Vi säljer ut plagg från gamla kollektioner samt samples av; dam- och herrkläder i cashmere, klänningar, blusar och brudklänningar med mera.

Adress: A house (ingång från Uggelviksgatan 2A)
T-Bana Tekniska Högskolan.

Fredag den 23 mars 07.00-18.00
Lördag den 24 mars 09.00-18.00

Vi tar endast emot betalningar via kort eller SWISH. Välkommen!

400m2 studio now available at A house

A house members all have a thing for brutalism and the community way of seeking innovation. We are a one of a kind mix of larger companies, smaller teams and solopreneurs. Are you into food, fashion or media?

Welcome to apply for the 400m2 studio membership>
For questions please contact

The membership includes:

Being a part of A house community

Visitor front desk open Mon-Fri 08-17

WiFi / User friendly technology

Free meditation and yoga every week

Community Manager there for you 08-17

Breakfast for members every Thursday included

Sthlm Roast Coffee and tea always included you and your visitors

Bring your meetings to A house. The lobby is prefect for casual meetings that does not require a screen

Entrance to events, exhibitions, seminars and community breakfasts hosted by A house and partners

Meeting room hours (quantity depending on your membership)

Snacks, beverages and lunch bowls available at the front desk 8-17

Event space discount

Meeting room credit included per month (amount depending on the size of your space)

Possibilities to rent A house furniture

Mail service and printing

24/7 access

Take a look at all our memberships & apply >

Dark setting as Bea Akerlund talks fashion

No doubt the best way to start off FW18 being inspired by fashion activist Bea Åkerlund in A verkstad. Thank you Bea for sharing your story and being who you are despite what people tell you. If you follow the stream you will never create unique innovations and you will definitely never work with Madonna or Beyoncé. So thank you Bea for never adapting and never giving up. The world needs you.

Event hosted by CreativeMornings & sponsored by GANT.

See more of Beas incredible work:
Pics: Richard Ortega
All photos:

Fashion talks w. Bea Åkerlund

Fashion week Stockholm in collaboration with CreativeMornings!

Fashion activist Bea Åkerlund lives and works by the mantra “BWHO YOU ARE” and brings creativity and individuality to all her projects. As a self-taught stylist and image-maker Bea has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Madonna, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga and is the co-founder of cult brand Le Snob, PR Showroom The Residency Experience and will be presenting her collection for IKEA – OMEDELBAR – during Fashion Week.

Join Bea Åkerlund and Emma Ohlson, Secretary General of ASFB, in a conversation on the power of styling in today’s changing fashion media landscape.

Fashion Bloppis

Welcome to shop tons of fashion in A house Verkstad on Sunday!

Meet A house member Airinum

Hi Fredrik and Airinum, what is it that you do?
Airinum is a company that empowers individuals to breathe clean air by offering innovative products that intersects functionality and design, catered to urban citizens all over the world. Our first product is an Urban Air Mask which protects the wearer from air born pollutants.

How did you end up doing this?
It all started in India. One of our founders lived and studied in Ahmedabad and realized that he got his childhood asthma back by just breathing the air there. A few months later we found the company and started to develop our first product, the Urban Air Mask.

Why A house?
An inspiring place with people working on interesting stuff. On top of that, a fantastic venue with a great location. In essence, just what you need to build a great company culture from!

Is the air in Stockholm fresh?
Oh yes! It can always become better but we’re by far one of the best capital cities to breathe in. Check-out whatever city you like here to get a good yearly average of what the air is like.

Why should A house members get a mask?
Who does not want a mask…

Who is your typical customer?
Health and fashion conscious people living in urban cities with poor air quality around the globe.

Who is your idol?
If we’re talking about companies here that we’re looking up to I guess it would be something like a mix-mash between Off-White, Apple and Patagonia.

Any tips for better worklife balance?
Grab a beer. Then, take another one and put your favorite song on. Now, you’re ready for another set of hours…

Doubling up the fun

It’s been 2 years (and what years!) since we opened up the doors to A house. Today, we have 250 active members, aprox 30 companies and loads of inspiration, innovation and friendship. Now it’s time for the next step as we are doubling up the space, welcoming twice as many members and companies and, consequently, expect it to be twice as fun.

We are still the same – a phenomenon in constant transformation
A house is more than a house, more than the ones managing it and definitely not just another office space. We aim to be a melting pot and a catalyst for energized work in the borderland between industry business and academia, focusing on businesses within fashion, food and media. With unique activities and spaces, A house is the meeting place Stockholm has long been missing. A place of constant development, redefining the ways of working, meeting and producing.

Built by collaboration
The future is still to be discovered, but one thing is certain: A house is coloured by its members. We made this place for you and only when you are satisfied, we are. Two years of collaborative activities has resulted in growing businesses, innovative activities and new friendships. Welcoming new fantastic members to join our club, we look forward to what is yet to come.

We welcome our new members:  

Blomquist & Co
Leva Husfabrik
Ruter Dam
Seizō Creative
SSE Business Lab
World of Blissed

Used by Christmas Market

Saturday in A verkstad 10-16. Welcome to stop by the house for a market hosted by Used by Second Hand. 

Make it last fashion flea market – thank you all

A huge thanks to everyone that participated at Make it Last fashion flea market yesterday. We raised 47.300 sek for UNHCR!

No wonder shopping can feel so damn good. Thank you to Filippa K, Rodebjer, GANT, Stylein, ATP Atelier and Adidas for donating such great pieces. And big thanks to all our dedicated sellers A house members Little Liffner and Naomi Itkes, Columbine Smille, Mikaela Hållén, Michaela Forni, Sania Claus Demina, Hanna MW, Sofia Wood, Elinor Nystedt, Lisa Corneliusson, Emma Elwin, Agnes Grefberg Braunerhielm, Petra Tungården, Joanna Fingal and Julia Strid. You all rock.

Styleby about Make it Last >
Make it last>

By Malina Sample sale

By Malinas biggest sample sale ever with tons of affordable fashion. Current collections and press samples will be avaliable, warm welcome

Make it last – stor modeloppis med The 2nd Edit

Svenska och danska modeproffs rensar sina garderober och säljer mode till superpriser. Plagg och accessoarer från följande märken säljs till förmån för UNHCR: Filippa K, Rodebjer, GANT, Stylein, ATP Atelier.

Bland säljarna finns little Liffner, Naomi Itkes, Columbine Smille, Mikaela Hållén, Michaela Forni, Sania Claus Demina, Hanna MW, Sofia Wood, Elinor Nystedt, Lisa Corneliusson, Emma Elwin, Agnes Grefberg Braunerhielm, Petra Tungården, Joanna Fingal, Julia Strid samt flera danska modeprofiler.

Tävla om ett lyxigt presentkort från den danska second hand-plattformen The 2nd Edit.
Käka gott från foodtrucken Vegan Smeagan som parkerar utanför A house. Musiken spelas av Chili Bendt.


Make it last>

Meet Chili Bendt

PR & Community Manager at A house – Talk with me about anything! I will help you with member issues, bookings, accesses, PR-stuff, music, fashion, member blind dates, gossip, A house news ect ect.

Favorite place at A house – A Coustic. The architecture school’s acoustic lab, a square room entirely in concrete. How sound affects us and our daily lives was part of school education and a tool for developing knowledge about the future of housing and society. As a music nerd I would like to experiment with the room that has a 6.7 sec delay.

Love about A house – I love the creativity that flows in this brutalistic building and all our friendly members.

My perfect Stockholm sweet spots – I love to take our 1970’s wood boat for a ride through beautiful Långholmen and Djurgården during the summer. Seeing Stockholm from the sea is something extra and romantic. Then get of at Nybrokajen and have a glass of something bubbly at my absolute favorite bar and second home, Lilla baren at Riche. Enjoy great music from the best of the best alternative DJs. Then Eat dinner at newly opened restaurant Matateljén in Gamla Enskede.

My perfect, on the globe, spot – Italy! Me and my husband visit Rome every summer. We always live in Trastevere and eat amazing food at Enzo. The line is 50m long but it is worth it. After a couple of days in Rome you take a train to new town you haven’t explored yet.

Bloppis at A house

Thank you Sania, Hanna and Lisa for making our yard full of fashion hearts beating together. The concept of the bloppis, blog + loppis (flea market), is definitely here to stay. The sun was shining and many of our A house members went home with pink shopping bags that day.


AW-bloppis (blogg+loppis)

Välkomna på AW-bloppis på A house (Östermalmsgatan 26A).
28 Aug kl 17-21 på innergården om fint väder, annars i lobbyn.
Skönt häng, bra musik och miljövänlig shopping, dröm dvs!

Fynda ur garderober tillhörande stylisterna/bloggarna Sania Claus Demina, Hanna MW och Lisa Olsson. Fynda en härlig mix från märken som Rodebjer, Acne Studios, Saint Laurent, Ida Sjöstedt, Céline, Prada, Mulberry, Lara Bohinc, & Other Stories, H&M, Zara etc. 

Ölbar och snacks kommer finnas till försäljning. Vi ses!


ENERI lobby After Work

ENERI is a Stockholm-based womenswear label created by native New Yorker Irene Jondal.

The label offers high-quality, everyday statement pieces produced in Europe using sustainably sourced materials. ENERI is a direct-to-consumer slow-fashion brand producing limited edition pieces that stand out. Join us for after-work drinks to celebrate the launch and to learn more about the brand. 

Sign up on FB>

Make it last – stor modeloppis på A house

Sveriges modeproffs – artister, stylister, designas och bloggare rensar sina garderober och säljer mode och prylar till pangpriser! Kom och fynda sönder. Please sign up on fb >

Redken i A Auditorium

OM REDKEN 5th AVENUE NYC: Redken 5th Avenue NYC är ett professionellt hårvårds- och hårfärgsvarumärke som är dedikerat till att ge inspirerande utbildning, banbrytande produkter och enastående kreativitet för konsumenter och stylister med samma mål. Genom att närvara backstage på Fashion Week i New York, London, Milano och Paris är Redken med när det händer, och etablerar det senaste inom hårvård och sätter de senaste trenderna. För mer information, var vänlig gilla Redken på Facebook eller följ oss på Instagram @RedkenNordic

Specialistprogrammet är det första steget i din Redken karriär. Detta 3 dagars interaktiva workshopprogram kommer ge dig kunskap och djupare förståelse för färg, styling och produktkunskap.

För mer information & högupplösta bilder kontakta vår PR ansvariga:

Karün lobby After Work

A house member Karün invites the house, friends and family to their launch event in the lobby. Come and see the world from a different point of view.

Please sign up by joining the Facebook event (link down to your left), welcome!

Zalando – Presskontakterna

Lördagen den 28 januari anordnade Elsa Ekman och Rami Hanna tillsammans med Zalando en dagsfest för modebloggare, influencers och privata vänner.

Eventet ägde rum på A House i Stockholm och på plats visades ett urval av skandinaviska varumärken som kan köpas på Zalandos webbshop.

Gästerna bjöds på mat och drinkar och DJs spelade de senaste hitsen som fick gästerna att dansa!



 foto från: Alma Vestlund/Studio Emma Svensson

Exhibition: Pia Simensen

At #ahousestockholm fri sep 16:
A house and ACNE are pleased to release the first Brutalist Friday. 17-21 opening exhibition with Pia Simensen.
Beer offered by Asahi. Sign up by attending this event.

Pia Simensen
”Jag är allt”

“Everything I am, nothing is me, the baby in me, the child around me, in my temple, my prison, the woman in me, the woman around me. Nothing means everything. Everything means nothing. I adorn death and death adorns me. ”
Simensen touches the subject of her experience as an artist after she becomes a parent. Her motifs automatically become that which is close to her – inanimate objects, self-reflection and her children. Her home becomes her temple and her prison. In her creative journey she explores motherhood, the feeling of entrapment and an alarmingly low-key, post-decadence lifestyle. Leaving behind an excessive and romantic past, to take on the experience of caring for a life and creating, within her walls, a new world in which she is assigned all the roles. She is the safety and she is the danger, she is the mother, the man and the animal. She is everything.

Sign up! 


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