Beckmans and A house presents Works of Essence

What can visual interpretations of scent look like?

mars 6th 2023

Since 2021, A house and BeckmansStudent Union has had an on-going collaboration that invites Beckmans’ upcoming industry professionals to the A house destinations for community, space and satellite activations.

One such activation is the exhibition Works of Essence – a collaborative project between Beckmans College of Design and renowned perfumery school ISIPCA in Paris; held in A coustic here at A house Ark during Stockholm Design Week.

Seven different design concepts by the students at Beckmans were displayed, visualising the scent developed by students at ISIPCA. Structured as an interdisciplinary dialogue, the teams have explored how scent and design can interact to pose questions, solve problems, convey messages or express ideas.

More info about our event space A coustic.

Images by Wasim Harwill.

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