A showcase: Punchline Tag

Quirky & original paper craft

April 26th 2023

A showcase is where A house member innovations come to light. Products are continuously showcased in A lobby to cultivate conversation and evaluate the process of our innovations. The initiative is guided by the A house principle “Rethink, refine, reuse, redesign” as we believe that anything can – and should – be questioned at any time. Always in constant transformation. 

The Punchline Tag brand was created by Ark’s Work Club member Erika Rennel Björkman in 2009. Erika is a graphic designer and creative director with a passion for typography, paper and origami. Her inspiration comes from a love for traveling, exploring different cultures, nature and from her time living and working in London as a graphic designer. With Punchline Tag she unites traditional Swedish papercraft with a modern typographic and colourful expression. Choose from words like ARTY, CIAO, HAPPY, KISSES, LOVE, LUCKY, MERCI, MERRY, MMM, PARTY, THANKS, WOW, YAY in a range of colours!

Collaborate: [email protected]