A showcase: Mamma United

How can we create a more inclusive and equal society?

augusti 24th 2023

A showcase is where A house member innovations come to light. Products are continuously showcased in A lobby to cultivate conversation and evaluate the process of our innovations. The initiative is guided by the A house principle “Rethink, refine, reuse, redesign” as we believe that anything can – and should – be questioned at any time.

This time around, we showcase the work of Ark members Mamma United – a non-profit organization that works to give mothers in socio-economically disadvantaged areas knowledge, motivation, and tools to impact their own and their children’s lives.

They offer mothers a free educational program that aims to support the mothers with knowledge, motivation, and tools on topics such as health, finances, eating habits, the labor market, and parenting.

These mothers often feel like they are not included in society and have limited trust in important social functions. Therefore, Mamma United has an important function to work as a bridge between participants and other social resources, as their activities reach mothers in a way that other authorities and municipal initiatives do not. Check out their website to learn more and contribute!

Collaborate: mammaunited.se

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