A member story – in conversation with Linus Granborg from Levels

april 21st 2021

Hi there A house member Linus Granborg, what is it that Levels does? 

We pursue brilliant ideas, and turn opportunities into game-changing businesses. Working together with clients as partners, sharing risk and upside resulting in impact beyond business performance.

Our DNA is in development, design and venturing. 

What is your main focus this year?

Boost company culture, make people feel safe coming back to the office and figure out the way Levels will work after the pandemic.

”do not get stuck on details along the way”

What’s the collaboration of your dreams?

When you have a common vision and do not get stuck on details along the way and hard team work leads to a win for all parties involved, as well as impact in important ESG areas.

Which A house member are you impressed by and why?

I first thought about Tua Asplund, but a member who is not part of the management of A House I would say Henna Keränen at Sting, always happy and positive!

Why is A house the place for you?

A house means a lot to me and to our team, here we have grown our business from just a few people to where we are today. I still remember the first time I was here and got the opportunity to see our future office and it was so big and completely empty. Today it is our home and I know that all our employees at Levels share these feelings about A house and love the office.

How has the pandemic changed your perspective?

Levels is the first company that I have been part of founding and this pandemic gave me a new perspective of being an entrepreneur and business owner.

”we will be so much stronger, more flexible and adaptable”

It is really hard when the business environment changes so fast and so dramatically, basically overnight customers are losing their business and you need to start working remotely with a distributed team and overcome the hurdles of not meeting your team, partners or customers in person.

Last year was absolutely the toughest year in my career and when we are done with the pandemic, we will be so much stronger, more flexible and adaptable and thus better prepared for the future, when it comes to coping with fast changes.

What’s the best thing about your job? 

To work closely with my amazing colleagues and make an impact in other people’s lives and businesses◾️

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