A conversation with Sophie Gyllenhammar

An easygoing one-on-one with members at A house Ark

november 28th 2022

Member Sophie Gyllenhammar Mattsson’s first introduction to jewelry was as she went through her mother’s and grandmother’s jewelry boxes as a kid. As an adult, she started to explore the medium as a possible profession; learning the craft from Argentinian-Swedish jeweler Horacio Ramirez-Achinelli. In 2006, Sophie Gyllenhammar Mattsson started her brand SOPHIE by SOPHIE. She has been a studio member at A house Ark along with her team since 2021.

Where did you find the inspiration for your upcoming colorful collection?

I found inspiration in colorful artists like Ettore Sottsass and Frank Stella. I get a lot of energy from their work. Colors make life more fun and lightens up a gray day. The collection contains all gemstone and enamel colors you can think of, so you can choose your favorites and wear them solo or in exciting color combinations. It’s about standing out and having fun while doing it. All items in the collection are conversation pieces. 

”dare to wear colors and create your unique style and expression”

What makes your brand unique in the jewelry industry?

I am an age rebel: I turn to cool and independent women and men of all ages, no matter if you are 15 or 100 years old. I almost never style myself in black or minimalistically. It can be nice sometimes, but then I style the black with jewelry that accentuates my outfit with colors. I love to mix colors and create color blocks that play well together. I think this colorful aesthetic makes my brand unique and stand out. My message to people is “dare to wear colors and create your unique style and expression”.

How do you communicate within your team? What are some of the challenges you see when it comes to internal communication?

My goal is to always have an open and transparent dialogue with my colleagues. My strategy is to create great things together as a team and have fun on the journey together. Being a team and the interaction that comes with it can be challenging, but open communication definitely makes it smoother and easier. 

Why is A house Ark the community for you?

I think it’s a very inspiring atmosphere, especially with the creative crowd in the house. The people and the vibe is great. Fashion, food, media and music are all a great match for our business.

Visit SOPHIE by SOPHIE’s website and Instagram.

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