A conversation with Amjad Aloul

An easygoing one-on-one with members at A house Ark

September 26th 2022

Amjad Aloul can be seen as being the avant-garde to the many agencies and networks working with representation that we see today, having actively centered immigrant groups and experiences in his work through his agency Crossborder Communication since the 90’s; amongst other initiatives. Strategist, communications expert and business developer, Amjad has been a member at A house since the very beginning in 2016.

Hello work club member Amjad Aloul at Crossborder Communication, what is it that you do? 

I manage two different types of businesses: Crossborder Communication helps companies and authorities to reach out and communicate with the immigrant groups in Sweden. The second one is, where we have built a platform and app where we aim to transform the legal industry by simplifying and making the law accessible. 

Having founded Crossborder Communication already in 1997, what do you make of these last 25 years from the perspective of your business? What was the attitude and demand then compared to now, and how has it potentially shifted throughout the years?

When I started the business, extensive mission work was required to get companies and authorities to see the potential. Today, these questions are on the agenda in an obvious way. The needs and consumption patterns of these groups can no longer be overlooked. As I said, it required hard work, but everything became easier when I got Tele2 and the Swedish Electoral Authority as clients.

“The needs and consumption patterns of these groups can no longer be overlooked”

Which one of the seven A house principles speaks to you the most and why? When does it apply to your daily work? 

Definitely the fourth principle: the community is our most important tool. In the six years since I moved in, I have had a good exchange with other members at A house. There is a constant creative exchange and a couple of the members have become continuous subcontractors to my businesses. 

Being one of our earliest members who has seen A house go from just a few members at what we now call Ark, to having two destinations with a third to come; in what way does A house resonate with your needs and where you want to work from? 

As A house grew, so did the opportunities. Opportunities for new collaborations and inspiration in a creative environment.

Please tell us more about your choice of chair to accompany your portraits! 

I chose a high chair so as not to sit slumped in a classic chair, then I like the color.

What is the collab of your dreams within the A house community? 

The dream collaboration would be a new partner to where we are currently looking for funding. Interested? Check out