A sustainable week

A sustainable week has come to an end and we want to thank you all for participating, sharing and cheering!

We hope you feel a tiny bit wiser when it comes to the carbon footprint of the food that we eat and the clothes that we wear. A house flea market yesterday was only the beginning of A house REUSE, encouraging a new way of thinking when it comes to consuming fashion and things. Please let us know if you come up with ideas on how we can reuse more within A house! Also, big thank you to A house member Klimato, counting the carbon footprint on every single lunch we’ve been offering this week.

Here are the pictures from A flea market by Heman Caroan.

A block day 2019

Cheers to everyone who came and made A block day 2019 SO GOOD!

We’re already excited about next year.

Also a BIG thanks to all members who are the substance of A block day, and the sponsors who made it possible.

Photos from A yard party

We want to send some love to everyone who came to A yard party. Best vibes ever!

Also a big big big thanks to Gigital who gave us awesome live performances (by Bahjat and Visiteur), to Pistonhead and Naia for providing us with beverages, and to MDJ Produktion for being our tech pros.

Have a look at the A yard party pics!

Meet A house yoga teacher & member Dag Tolstoy

Hi Dag, what is it that you do here at A house when not being a yoga teacher?

I work at Relate. We are trying to create a more conscious world through awareness of personal values. It’s really good stuff! Everyone should reflect on their personal values. What makes you happy in your everyday?

Tell us about your relationship with yoga!

I started out because I wanted to be different, vainly enough. I didn’t fall in love with it like some people do but I kept coming back. And now a couple of years later I am very happy I did. The biggest benefit I feel today is my ability to let go quickly and not dwell on things. But yoga should definitely be combined with a consistent meditation practice if you want to reap the good fruits. It can be awfully boring at times but damn does it do you good.

What inspires your daily work?

Just talking and listening to people can inspire me. Having conversations that are meaningful in themselves and not a means to something else.

What do you think is the best thing about working at A house?

That so many people are excited about their work! You definitely hear less complaints around here than you do from hanging out with your other friends.

And finally – why do you think A house members should go to your Monday yoga class?

Yoga is really the best self care there is. Not only does it make you physically fit but it can also make you more composed allowing you to enjoy life a bit more. Its only 50 kr, try it out! 🙂

Meet A house member Karl-Magnus Boske

Hi Karl-Magnus, what is it that you do?

I work as a graphic designer. The work area is wide with customers all between wine producers and pharmaceutical companies. A large number of my customers are in the music and entertainment industry.  I do corporate identities, packaging design, digital design, stage and exhibition design etc. My next step is to be very good at motion graphics.

What can people ask you that you love to talk about?

I’m not really a person watching sports. But, when it comes to my hometown team Kalmar FF there is no limit to my interest. I love discussing the team’s struggle, new players, are the trainer using right set-up … ask me and I could go on for ever. Of course, it would have been easier to share my interest if I was a fan of one of the big teams, but not at all so exclusively fun.

Karl-Magnus Boske with books

Is money important to you?

Yes. And no. If that would have been very important to me, I suppose I had seen more of it.

What were your ambitions, growing up?

Having a good time and be nice. Still are. The only thing I really wanted to do as young was to travel around the world with light luggage. It was a coincidence that defined my choice of job and a miracle that gave me love and children.

Why is A house the place for you?

A house is the right environment for creativity. I love going to work. Here I meet smart, fun and interesting people. I am involved in several joint projects.

Photographer: Anna Schori

Meet A house member Hanna Reimers

Hi Hanna, what is it that you do?

– I run Lily & Hanna Rawfood Ice Dreams – super delicious ice creams that are good for you and the environment

What were your ambitions, growing up?

– To be a nice person and to enjoy life

Which aspects of your work has made you want to continue?

– I love conceiving an idea and then see it turn into reality, it’s like magic =) Also, it’s very rewarding to work with a product that is a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative compared to what has been on the market before.

Hanna Reimers sitting with laptop

What would you say has been your greatest achievement?

– Bringing this totally new way of thinking about ice cream into the market in Sweden

What can people ask you that you love to talk about?

– Dessert =)

Photographer: Anna Schori

Meet A house member Per SpĂĄngberg

Hi Per, what is it that you do?
I’m the Founder & CEO of Levels Group, that I run together with my partners and our fantastic team of about 30 people (and growing). We develop digital products and services for our clients and partners, where some of them are large corporates, mostly within media, entertainment and financial services, but we also work with digitally based ventures and help them to scale their business to the next level.

Why is A house the place for you and your team?
I have visited a number of entrepreneurial hubs and co-working spaces, in Sweden as well as internationally, but there are only a few where you actually feel that the entrepreneurial spirit and energy is the driving force and the centre of attention. Many of these places are really just another temporary or serviced office in disguise. But here, you can really feel that entrepreneurship and innovation is at the core and always present, much thanks to the great work done by you guys, in the A House team.

What were your ambitions, growing up?
Outside the ambition of getting a proper education and have fun, all the way since my early teens, I’ve always wanted to be part of teams or groups, that do something of any kind of importance to me and others, beyond earning another krona or dollar on the margin.

Are there any particular tools that you need to start your working day?
I guess my day starts the same way as for a lot of other people – by checking my phone for news, work updates and communication, so yes my iPhone is a particular tool in my life.

If you hadn’t become what you are today, what else would you have done?

Most likely, I would have ended up as an entrepreneur in another area, but otherwise, I’ve always liked challenges within strategic thinking, negotiations and diplomacy, so that’s also a likely option.

Photographer: Anna Schori

Meet A house member Amanda Andersson

Hi Amanda, what is it that you do?

– I am Douchebags Content Manager, which means that I’m the ones responsible to ensure that we always have awesome content for all our channels.

What were your ambitions growing up?

– I’m still growing up, so my ambitions are, and have always been; make every day a great day, even though some days are way more work than leisure, you can always turn it into a great day!

What was your first encounter with your passion for bags?

– I don’t have a passion for bags. I’ve always been one of those girls who has never been able to keep track of any bag, always kept everything in my pockets and couldn’t care less about purses. Instead, my passion lies in being able to create magic material regardless of company. But I’m totally in love with Douchebags and its rebellious attitude.

Are there any particular tools that you need to start your working day?

– 8 hours in bed and three cups of coffee before leaving the house.

What can people ask you that you just love to talk about?

– My two homes, one in Stockholm and one on Gotland.

Photographer: Anna Schori

Lizette Lizette music video – A verkstad

Lizette Lizette was recording the music video “Non” in A verkstad and in A house elevators.

Meet A house member Ludvig Ekelund

Hi Ludvig, what is it that you do?
– Hej! I am the ceo of Super Synbiotics. We produce and market a probiotic food supplement called Synbiotics. Our product helps your gut to function well which makes your immune system stay on top of things.

Are there any particular tools that you need to start your working day?
– Not really. As long as I have a phone and a pen I am all good.

What was your first encounter with your passion for food supplements?
– My passion is rather health than food supplements. For excellent health I recommend moderate exercise, healthy food, mental balance and to indulge oneself. When I had passed my thirties, I realised that I had put too much focus on the latter hence I started to learn about the rest.

What can people ask you that you love to talk about?
– I know all there is to know about a healthy and unhealthy lifestyle. Buy me an ice cream and I´ll tell you all about it.

Break a sweat three times a week – exercise is key to stress reduction
Embrace setbacks – instead of pushing away, embrace shit and do better next time
Do it your way – know your potential, have fun and deliver with pride

Photographer: Anna Schori

Sub rosa roller disco – A verkstad

Sub rosa had their glittery Roller Disco in A verkstad.

Photo: Fabian Wester

Naive Society Party – A verkstad

Naive Society was celebrating their 10 years anniversary in A verkstad.

Meet A house member Carolina von Rosen

Hi Carolina, what is it that you do?
We make junk-free snacks that say NO NO to empty calories, bland flavours and fad diets. And YES YES to real ingredients and mouthwatering taste!

Are there any particular tools that you need to start your working day?
A quick stretch, coffee and music!

If you hadn’t become a raw snack devotee, what else would you have done?
No idea! Maybe an actor? If I get to dream.

Carolina Von Rosen with coffee

What can people ask you that you love to talk about?

What would you say to your teenage self now?
Everything comes to you at the right time, be patient and trust the process.

Read more about Carolina’s junk-free snacks at Getraw.se!

Photographer: Anna Schori

Interview with Clit Co. founder Amanda Netscher

This week Amanda Netscher, founder and CEO of jewelry brand Clit Co. and a frequent booked gender equality lecturer, is having a talk at A house in conjunction with a yoga event and we decided to ask her some questions about sexual equality and her jewelry brand.

How did you come up with the idea about Clit Co.?
I give lectures in sexual reproductive health and rights and I once had a full-sized clitoris with me, about 7-11 cm. I asked the crowd if they knew what it was? But everyone said no, or thought it was a hook or something silly. I hanged the clit in my necklace and my partner Adam told me that you could make a smaller clit in 3D print. So, I sold the old jewelry in gold I had at home and took the money to print a small golden clit for my own birthday. People asked me where I got it from and I could really tell that the moment was here to give the clit some well-deserved space. For too long the clit has been put in the shadow and even women in Sweden don’t even know the reason of existence or the shape and the look of it. This is insane! And think about all the women and girls who are or is about to be genitally mutilated. That made me sooooo angry, so I started Clit Co. With two of my childhood friends, Janet and Emelie, the best thing ever!

What made you so strongly interested in the questions about women’s sexuality and sexual equality?
I wanted to be an astronaut as a child. But since life on earth seemed to so hard for humans I decided to stay on the ground to investigate the matter of social development in Sweden. In high school, I took some classes in Criminology and Human Rights. That really inspired me to go further and led me to become a sociologist. I then met a transgender man – who I fell in love with. I wanted to become a researcher in the field of trans medicine. After that, I got a job at a clinic working with sexual health, deviances – for example; problems with lust, pedophilia and sexual addiction. That’s where my interest in sexology started. Girls and women do not have the same rights and access to their body and sexuality as men do today, and it is a very important issue to address.

In which way do you think a Clit Co. jewelry helps to increase sexual equality?
We must be more open about gender norms, sexuality and what causes distress for humankind. Knowledge about sexuality, health and body rights is missing in today’s society – especially when it comes to children’s education. We must stop focusing only on the reproductive part and talk more about how to be a person and be persons together, sexually and not sexually. At the same time, I also wanted this topic to be distilled into something tangible and beautiful, something one can wear to show pride. That’s why Clit Co. exists. To address, point out and show the way of a change that everyone can be a part of. Equality is about finding ways together for a better future and society. And at the same time, I wanted something beautiful to were. And The Clit is soooo beautiful in its form and shape.

Clit Co. Founder Amanda N and her jewelry

Brief us about your upcoming talk – what subjects can we expect?
It will be about Sexual and reproductive health and rights in different forms. You will get to know me – my background and of course a lot about the Clit. The talk will be with warmth, lust and with compassion for sex. Together we can make a difference – I will inspire you with my clit revolution expertise and I really looking forward to it! Hope to see you there!

Amanda’s upcoming talk is a part of an event with Yoga/Cava which also involve yoga, cava and dinner from Adam & Albin. For more information and to get a ticket – email yogacava@gmail.com.

Meet A house member Lisa Baumgartel

Hi Lisa, what is it that you do?
I help brands and people express ideas, sell products, and connect communities through the power of words. That is to say, I’m a copywriter.

What inspires you in your daily work?
All the amazing things my customers are doing and creating. I feel so privileged that, in my work, I get to walk through the back door of a lot of different companies and meet all these purpose-driven people who are bringing beautiful things into the world, and sometimes shaking up entire industries.

Lisa Baumgartel

What are your best tips for creating a work-life balance?
Ah. Good question. I can’t say I’ve perfected that one yet, but I do strive to schedule a mix of activities into my weekly agenda that feed my soul and serve my To Do list. I can highly recommend breaking up the work day with a cycling or yoga class, or lunch with a good friend.

What can people ask you that you love to talk about?
I love talking about health, sustainability, and new ideas. I also love just sharing feelings and philosophizing about life.

Why is A house the place for you?
A house is like a living hive of creativity. I love it because it’s a place where I can get work done, meet collaborators, and get a spark of inspiration when I need it.

Lisa Baumgartel

Website: www.lisabaum.se
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lbaumgartel/

Photographer: Anna Schori

Meet A house member Michaela Cehlin Magnusson

Hi Michaela, what is it that you do?
I work at Little Liffner with a little bit of everything from customer service to social media. We’re a tight team of two which means you get to work with pretty much the entire business which is so much fun.

What can people ask you that you just love to talk about?
Reality shows, the cringier the better!

Who or what has had the biggest influence on you?
My mom <3

Michaela Magnusson

If you hadn’t been working with Little Liffner, what else would you have done?
I have seriously no idea but when I retire (in about 40 years) I want to be a tailor and/or run a doggy daycare.

Why is A house the place for you?
Because of all of the lovely people you get to meet every day.

Pictures by: Anna Schori

Sneakersnstuff NO WORK party – A verkstad

Sneakersnstuff NO WORK party with the Cozy Boys, Benji B & Manaré in A verkstad.

Pics: Herman Caroan

Meet A house member Organic Sweden

Hi Charlotte and Anton, what is it that you do? 
We work at Organic Sweden – a platform for collaboration for growers, food producers, organisations, chefs and other people looking to promote the production and consumption of organic food. 

C: What can people ask you that you love to talk about?
Anything concerning branding, packaging, distribution and product-development of organic food. 

A: What’s on your playlist currently?
I’m currently listening to the album “For Ever” by Jungle which is a British soul collective inspired by artists such as Marvin Gaye and Pharell. 

C: If you hadn’t become an Organic Sweden devotee, what else would you have done?
I would most likely be an organic wine producer in Catalonia in Spain. 

Organic Sweden members sitting drinking coffee

A: What would you say to your teenage self now?
I know it sounds like a clichĂ©, but I would probably say “everything is going to be alright” and “believe in yourself”. 

C: Are there any particular tools that you need to start your working day?
I need my large notebook, a felt pen and big cup of coffee. 

A: Why is A house the place for you?
I like that everyone at A house is going somewhere and trying to make a positive impact in their respective industries. It’s energizing and fun to be surrounded by people who are trying to make their ideas become a reality. 

Pictures by: Anna Schori

Benjamin Ingrosso release – A verkstad

Benjamin Ingrosso “Identification” release party!

Pics: Fabian Wester

Pics from Ă„nglamarkspriset – A verkstad

Pictures from Ă„nglamarkspriset hosted in A house verkstad 10/10.

Pics: Frida Möller / Emma Svensson studio

Make A scene – A house lobby

Make A scene filling  A lobby with sweet music by Klara & jag, Pair and K-bird!

Thank you for these pictures by Henrik Björkman!

Sponsor: Jameson

Lilla Namo release – A kitchen

Pictures by Camilla Cherry

“Osynliga Teatern” at A house

Thank you Osynliga teatern for using our space in the most thoughtful and beautiful way possible. Seeing, or being, your show Slutet was something special one will remember until the bitter end.

Photos by Rossi Milja

Read SvDs thoughts right here >

All pictures from A block festival 2018!

Thank you all for contributing to an unforgettable day at A house. A special thanks to A house members Splay, SpoilConcept, Booting up, Grow, SSE business lab, Blomquist & co, Iteam, DD&D and 500 and to our incredible speakers and A market participants. You made the day. We are already looking forward to next year’s festival.

What is A block festival? 

A house block festival is an annual event with the possibility to generate transdisciplinary collaboration with different players within the fashion, food and media industries. This our way of  highligting  our members and show the incredible work they do.

Pictures by A house member Viktor Wrange

Pictures from A house Event Awards

Thanks a million to Detoxlife for the innovative food and to Terroir Wine / Booting Up for the fantastic liquid part. Once again, congratulations to our talented winners>

Pics: Johan StĂĄhlberg

400m2 studio now available at A house

A house members all have a thing for brutalism and the community way of seeking innovation. We are a one of a kind mix of larger companies, smaller teams and solopreneurs. Are you into food, fashion or media?

Welcome to apply for the 400m2 studio membership>
For questions please contact tua.asplund@ahousestockholm.com.

The membership includes:

Being a part of A house community

Visitor front desk open Mon-Fri 08-17

WiFi / User friendly technology

Free meditation and yoga every week

Community Manager there for you 08-17

Breakfast for members every Thursday included

Sthlm Roast Coffee and tea always included you and your visitors

Bring your meetings to A house. The lobby is prefect for casual meetings that does not require a screen

Entrance to events, exhibitions, seminars and community breakfasts hosted by A house and partners

Meeting room hours (quantity depending on your membership)

Snacks, beverages and lunch bowls available at the front desk 8-17

Event space discount

Meeting room credit included per month (amount depending on the size of your space)

Possibilities to rent A house furniture

Mail service and printing

24/7 access

Take a look at all our memberships & apply >

YSL Beauty in A verkstad

Event produced by Vass PR for YSL in A house verkstad.

Dark setting as Bea Akerlund talks fashion

No doubt the best way to start off FW18 being inspired by fashion activist Bea Ă…kerlund in A verkstad. Thank you Bea for sharing your story and being who you are despite what people tell you. If you follow the stream you will never create unique innovations and you will definitely never work with Madonna or BeyoncĂ©. So thank you Bea for never adapting and never giving up. The world needs you.

Event hosted by CreativeMornings & sponsored by GANT.

See more of Beas incredible work: bakerlund.com
Pics: Richard Ortega
All photos: richardortega.com

Meet A house member Airinum

Hi Fredrik and Airinum, what is it that you do?
Airinum is a company that empowers individuals to breathe clean air by offering innovative products that intersects functionality and design, catered to urban citizens all over the world. Our first product is an Urban Air Mask which protects the wearer from air born pollutants.

How did you end up doing this?
It all started in India. One of our founders lived and studied in Ahmedabad and realized that he got his childhood asthma back by just breathing the air there. A few months later we found the company and started to develop our first product, the Urban Air Mask.

Why A house?
An inspiring place with people working on interesting stuff. On top of that, a fantastic venue with a great location. In essence, just what you need to build a great company culture from!

Is the air in Stockholm fresh?
Oh yes! It can always become better but we’re by far one of the best capital cities to breathe in. Check-out whatever city you like here to get a good yearly average of what the air is like.

Why should A house members get a mask?
Who does not want a mask…

Who is your typical customer?
Health and fashion conscious people living in urban cities with poor air quality around the globe.

Who is your idol?
If we’re talking about companies here that we’re looking up to I guess it would be something like a mix-mash between Off-White, Apple and Patagonia.

Any tips for better worklife balance?
Grab a beer. Then, take another one and put your favorite song on. Now, you’re ready for another set of hours…


A house Christmas feast – the pictures

Thank you all for making this evening everything we dreamed of. A special thank you to A house member Booting Up, our toastmasters, sponsors Fireball & swe/tnc and last but not least, the A house party squad!

The event year of 2017 in pictures

What a year! Thank you for making our spaces look ridiculously fabulous.

Over and over again you manage to overwhelm us, the guests and even Sigge. We look forward to what 2018 will bring (we can’t wait for the kitchen lab to be up and running).

Make it last fashion flea market – thank you all

A huge thanks to everyone that participated at Make it Last fashion flea market yesterday. We raised 47.300 sek for UNHCR!

No wonder shopping can feel so damn good. Thank you to Filippa K, Rodebjer, GANT, Stylein, ATP Atelier and Adidas for donating such great pieces. And big thanks to all our dedicated sellers A house members Little Liffner and Naomi Itkes, Columbine Smille, Mikaela Hållén, Michaela Forni, Sania Claus Demina, Hanna MW, Sofia Wood, Elinor Nystedt, Lisa Corneliusson, Emma Elwin, Agnes Grefberg Braunerhielm, Petra Tungården, Joanna Fingal and Julia Strid. You all rock.

Styleby about Make it Last >
Make it last>

A atelier turned into a secret garden

For sure, one of the most mind blowing settings we’ve seen this year in A atelier. Thank you Polarn & Pyret for showing us that this event space is perfect for crating spectacular sites. A atelier on the 5th floor, quite the opposite to it’s lower more brutal cousin A verkstad, is a space that makes you feel calm and clear-headed. Members get to practice morning yoga here on Thursdays before breakfast.

HiYoga event filling A verkstad with yoga instructors

HiYoga is a concept with a unique and wide range of yoga classes in yoga friendly surroundings.

As a SATS member you get a reduction, that way you can combine your practice with working out at SATS. Our guess is that SATS finally got it, doing yoga in their regular super bright bootcamp spaces, is not good enough if you’ve ever been to a studio dedicated to the practice of yoga. HiYoga spaces are to be designed to provide the best possible conditions and experience with optimal temperature and humidity. Definitely worth a try.

Read more here

Foto: Viktor Wrange

A housewarming party – thank you!

A big day for A house celebrating our new wing in the brutalist icon that used to be the school of architecture. If you see A house from above, you can tell that the house has two wings.

During christmas we moved everything, including the members, to the new wing that has been a construction area during 2016. This wing has it all: raw office spaces, a very brutalist factory we call A verkstad, an auditorium, a lobby with a real front desk and loads of concrete everywhere. So, a housewarming party was mandatory. Thank you to El Perro del Mar performing, Hind Aloul who mad a very special fashion show in collab with Stadsmissionen remake, the food trucks, Austin Davies and his crew from Katarina Ă–lkafĂ©  and big thank you Splay for the amazing installation in the sound lab!

Welcome to all new studio- and work club members moving in 2017, we hope you will love the concept of A house.

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