Stockholm Run Club

A house proudly presents wellness partner Stockholm Run Club, a non-profit organization of 15 health and training enthusiasts looking to exercise and evolve together with us. They offer free training sessions every Tuesday and Thursday at 18:00, but is currently on a summer break.

New for 2021 is that no pre-registration by email is needed, we will try drop-in from now on so just show up and join the fun!

All sessions are free of charge and you may also bring non-A house members!

The sessions are less than 60 min and held outdoors. We also offer a bag drop room where you may store your things during the run. The room will be locked but we do not take any responsibility for your valuables. For event details, the latest updates, and contact please follow @Stockholmrunclub on Instagram!


• Please follow the general Covid-19 guidelines. Do not attend if you are feeling ill, remember social distancing, and keep washing those hands.

• Maximum one person in the backdrop at a time, change and get ready in the lobby.

• We run in several smaller groups and exercise outdoors to limit the risk.

• While on a run, please follow the usual traffic rules.

Yoga with Dag

Get physically and mentally fit through the art of yoga. Dag likes to combine the peacefulness of yoga with a good sweaty work-out. Come try it out every Monday in A atelier 5th floor, only 50 sek for members (no sign up needed).

Join the class on Facebook: @yogameddag

Maker’s Thursday with Icha Kombucha

One Thursday every month, A wine taste is transformed into a Maker’s Thursday event. A house event creator and sommelier Franco Dusant is inviting extraordinary makers for you to experience extraordinary products in A lobby. Welcome to join (no sign up needed, just a calendar reminder).

“Icha’s kombucha drinks are raw and alive with good intestinal bacteria (probiotics) that are produced by hand in the south of Stockholm. Icha is the result of genuine interest and love for the craft of creating a healthy high-quality kombucha based on natural ingredients ”

A wine taste for BLM

This Thursday wine taste is a special one, as we are zipping a larger amount of wine together with Franco. This means there will be more wine to taste so that nobody’s left without (and we can drink more!), and that we are drinking to show our support for our awesome friends at Garba as they are hosting a donation dinner this Friday to support the BLM movement. Welcome to A lobby from 3pm tomorrow!

Feel like making a donation?

Swish your sum of choice to Franco 070 733 60 21 and mark your swish donation with BLM. All donations will go directly to the Garba BLM fundraising.

Find more info on the Garba donation dinner here >

Legendary school chairs for sale!

On Wednesday 13/5, you are given a unique opportunity to buy our legendary school chairs from the time when A house was the school of architecture. Only 200 SEK each! The chairs are for sale between 1-3pm in A lobby. Welcome to bring a friend and pop by for some chair shopping!

Changed program due to Covid-19

Dear A house members! Due to the current situation, we are modifying the weekly activities. We are following the development and will make our choices based on the recommendations of the authorities. A house will be open for you as usual as long as the authorities do not tell us otherwise. 

Our Upcoming Program is modified to suit the current situation. This means that some of our activities are possible to join digitally from where ever you are. Mindfulness is perfect to join from home, tune in on at 3 pm on Wednesdays for 15 minutes of mind relaxation. Our new initiative, AMA, can be followed from anywhere you can connect to slack. Thursday Breakfast buffet is currently replaced with free breakfast bags “Airplane-style”. We hope that you like it and are open to any ideas on how to make current situation life even more WOW!

A house members, please be careful not to contaminate each other, but please also remain calm and keep on going if you can. Thank you all for contributing to our community and for being such inspiring members! We trust you to wash hands and we trust your judgment when it comes to staying at home or not. The community has your back and A house team is working hard to keep making the A house experience great. 

Stellagalan! (swe)

Sveriges första gastronomiska gala som prisar kvinnor!

I slutet av 2016 beslutade sig en grupp kvinnor med lång erfarenhet av matvärlden, kök, bar och restaurang att det var dags att skapa jämställdhet i den gastronomiska branschen. Problemet handlade inte bara om lön, position, arbetsmiljö och uppgifter utan lika mycket om bristen på synlighet vid tävlingar och galor, i jurys och inte minst i media.

Så startades Stellagalan med målet för att synliggöra de mest meriterade och ambitiösa kvinnorna inom gastronomin. Långsiktigt tänker vi oss att arbetet också bygga broar mellan mentorer och unga i branschen samt skapa förebilder som kan inspirera och stärka kommande generationer kvinnor.

I Januari 2018 arrangerades den första Stellagalan som besöktes av över 250 engagerade och betydelsefulla kvinnor. På galan år 2019 deltog runt 450 kvinnor och män som ville stödja arbetet för en jämställd gastronomi. Samtidigt utökades galan med ett forum där representanter för branschen diskuterade förändringsarbete och arbetsklimat.

Stellagalans arbetsgrupp ska bygga en plattform för att synliggöra fler kvinnor inom gastronomin och konstruktivt arbeta för att öka jämställdheten i branschen.

Stellagalan ska belysa de problem som finns och arbeta för förändring. För att åstadkomma detta erbjuder vi företag och organisationer att aktivt bidra till arbetet för ett jämställt arbetsliv. Det sker genom Stellagalans olika arrangemang, t ex debattforum, gala, stipendie- och mentorsprogram.

Att skapa en bransch som är jämställd, både beträffande status och ekonomi. Stellagalan vill bidra till en arbetsmarknad där man inte fokuserar på kön utan på kompetens och prestation.

Vi vill samla alla goda krafter som vill arbeta för en jämställd bransch. Samarbetspartners erbjuds utrymme och uttrycksmöjlighet under gala och forum och ges plats i media före under och efter Stellagalan 2020. Tillsammans synliggör vi jämställdhetsfrågan och skapar intresse för galan.

Vilka är vi?
Stellagalan drivs av Anette Rosvall, Karoline Nordenfors, Ida Ström, Anna Antonia Svedberg, Maja Berthas, Ella Nilsson, Anita Lindström och Anna Lind Lewin.

Medvetna, modiga sponsorer och samarbetspartners som hittills bidragit till Stellagalan är
Vill du också vara med på resan mot nästa gala?

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