Vinlagraren’s Wine Tastings

Next up: Joint tasting with Mr Cake


October 21 2021
17.00 - 18.00

Every other week from September to December, Axel Runéus a.k.a. Vinlagraren will be unbottle his favorite wines together with A house Ark members. Themes will range from champagne tastings to wines from Sicily, along with collaborative events with both Tzocolaté and Mr Cake.

The tasting is held in A lobby every other week.


23/9 – “Old world” vs “new world”

21/10 – Sweet wines paired with desserts. A joint tasting together with Mr Cake

11/11 – A combined wine tasting with chocolates from Tzocolaté

25/11 – Wines from Sicily

9/12 – Champagne tasting

Free event. First come, first served.